About Wildrook

Wildrook is a B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) company. We provide the tools and intelligence businesses need to gain confidence in the security of their data and infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

We are a small startup working hard to help businesses spend less time worrying about if their cloud infrastructure and data is safe and instead give them instant access to insights into their current security posture, providing guidance on how to reduce risk and remediate security issues as they occur.

Constantly vigilant, we are always evaluating their cloud resources for security risk with our automated cloud threat protection platform (codename AuditWolf), and report on configuration issues and violations to defined technical security controls that don't follow best-practices.

We're looking for folks who like to solve problems and build a business and product that people genuinely love to interact with, and have confidence helps their business stay safe online.

Where you're located doesn't matter. Live and work wherever you please. We're 100% remote.

Current openings

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